"The wild horse tamer who sits on mountains for days at a time to gather herself has found that the isolation that comes with living a simplified, agrarian life has propelled her to create non-stop" -StyleLikeU

Trailblazing designer and leather artisan Leslie Crow is known for her free-spirited and authentic approach to the ancient art of leather craft. Dedicated to sourcing only the finest quality wild harvested leathers and natural gemstones, and personally hand -stitching each piece adds an element of luxury and character that is unmatched in modern industry. After a decade long quest of traditional techniques inspired by her heritage and a family tradition of leatherwork and blacksmithing, Leslie set out to create a classic collection of original designs that honor the immense beauty of the rugged yet refined natural material. Each one of a kind heirloom is recognizable not by the label but by the craftsmanship and integrity of the creation itself .

It all began with Heyoka Leather founded in Los Angeles, CA circa 2007 as a collaboration between Rachel Avraham, Angela Bruyere and Leslie Crow. Together, they created a brand which left its mark on the fashion world and established Leslie Crow as a leading visionary in the handcrafted makers movement.